Lou Liberatore


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Daniel's Husband Westside Theatre/ Upstairs 10/28/2018 Barry
2 Daniel's Husband Cherry Lane Theatre 04/04/2017 Barry Dylon
3 A Class Act New World Stages/ Stage V 07/25/2016 Ben Donaldson
4 A Midsummer Night's Dream 47th Street Theatre 06/11/2015 N/A
5 Rocket to the Moon Theater at St. Clement's Church 02/23/2015 Willy Wax
6 Sight Unseen New York City Center/ Stage II 01/07/1992 Jonathan Waxmen REPLACEMENT
7 Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love Orpheum Theatre 09/24/1991 David REPLACEMENT
8 Burn This Theater 890 02/18/1987 Larry
9 As Is Circle Repertory Theatre 03/10/1985 Clone/Pat/Orderly
10 Black Angel Circle Repertory Theatre 12/19/1982 M.P./2nd Hooded Man
11 The Great Grandson of Jebediah Kohler Entermedia Theater 03/21/1982 Johnny Two-Deuce
12 Richard II Entermedia Theater 03/10/1982 Servant