Eric Krebs


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 That Chemistry Show Elektra Theatre 07/22/2017 Producer
2 Sing! A South African and American Musical Holiday Celebration Theater at St. Clement's Church 12/04/2016 Producer
3 A Class Act New World Stages/ Stage V 07/25/2016 Producer
4 That Physics Show! Elektra Theatre 03/09/2016 Producer
5 A Midsummer Night's Dream 47th Street Theatre 06/11/2015 Founding Director
6 The Glass Menagerie 47th Street Theatre 05/14/2015 Founding Director
7 Greed: A Musical for Our Times New World Stages/ Stage II 04/03/2014 Producer
8 Laughing Liberally: This Ain't No Tea Party Midtown Theater at HA! 03/24/2011 Producer
9 Golf the Musical Midtown Theater at HA! 12/06/2010 Producer
10 For Lovers Only (Love Songs... Nothing But Love Songs) New World Stages/ Stage V 05/11/2009 Producer
11 The Castle New World Stages/ Stage V 04/27/2008 Producer
12 Rounding Third John Houseman Theatre 10/07/2003 Producer
13 Capitol Steps: Between Iraq and A Hard Place John Houseman Theatre 07/19/2003 Producer
14 Little Ham John Houseman Theatre 09/26/2002 Producer
15 Capitol Steps: When Bush Comes to Shove John Houseman Theatre 05/16/2002 Producer
16 In Dreams Begin Responsibilities/Gimple the Fool Maverick Theatre 03/19/2001 Producer
17 Tallulah Hallelujah! Douglas Fairbanks Theater 10/10/2000 Producer
18 The Big Bang Douglas Fairbanks Theater 03/01/2000 Producer
19 Hope is the Thing with Feathers Greenwich House 12/02/1998 Producer
20 Capitol Steps: Unzippin My Doodah and Other National Priorities John Houseman Theatre 07/15/1998 Producer
21 Capitol Steps John Houseman Theatre 02/13/1997 Producer
22 Papa Douglas Fairbanks Theater 04/16/1996 Producer
23 Too Jewish? John Houseman Theatre 01/01/1996 Artistic Director
24 Wasting Time with Harry Davidowitz John Houseman Theatre 11/19/1995 Producer
25 Lust John Houseman Theatre 07/13/1995 Producer
26 Buya Africa John Houseman Theatre 04/28/1993 Producer
27 Finkel's Follies Westside Theatre/ Downstairs 01/30/1992 Producer
28 Finkel's Follies John Houseman Theatre 08/27/1991 Producer
29 Lyndon John Houseman Theatre 01/10/1991 Producer
30 About Time John Houseman Theatre 09/15/1990 Producer
31 The Rise of David Levinsky John Houseman Theatre 01/12/1987 Producer
32 Tatterdemalion Douglas Fairbanks Theater 10/27/1985 Producer
33 King of Schnorrers Harold Clurman Theater 10/09/1979 Producer
34 The Passion of Dracula Cherry Lane Theatre 09/28/1977 Producer

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Tatterdemalion Douglas Fairbanks Theater 10/27/1985 Director
2 Out of the Night Douglas Fairbanks Theater 05/11/1983 Director

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Out of the Night Douglas Fairbanks Theater 05/11/1983 Adaptation