Richard Topol

Personal Information

Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 The Dance of Death East 13th Street/CSC Theatre 02/10/2019 Edgar
2 Indecent Vineyard Theatre 05/17/2016 Lemml, The Stage Manager
3 Bikeman BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center-Theatre 2 02/18/2014 Ambulance Man
4 Bronx Bombers The Duke on 42nd Street 10/08/2013 Yogi Berra
5 Regrets New York City Center/ Stage I 03/27/2012 Alvin Novotny
6 King Lear Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater 11/08/2011 Duke of Albany
7 The Winter's Tale Delacorte Theater 07/01/2010 2nd Gentleman
8 The Merchant of Venice Delacorte Theater 06/30/2010 Tubal
9 When the Rain Stops Falling Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 03/08/2010 Henry Law
10 Hamlet The Duke on 42nd Street 03/29/2009 Guildenstern
11 Mouth to Mouth Acorn Theater 11/06/2008 Dennis
12 Opus 59E59 Theaters/ Theater A 08/07/2007 Alan
13 Omnium Gatherum Variety Arts Theatre 09/25/2003 Roger/Terence/Jeff (Understudy)
14 Vilna's Got a Golem American Jewish Theatre 01/04/1997 N/A
15 The African Company Presents Richard III Joseph Papp Public Theater/ Newman Theater 05/16/1994 Constable
16 Hyde in Hollywood American Place Theatre 10/24/1989 Martin
17 Just Say No WPA Theatre 10/04/1988 Junior